Rocket From The Grave
Hometown Productions and Invasion Films present 'Rocket From The Grave'
Joshua, an aspiring novelist shows up at his regular writing group sans the beard they are all supposed to be growing in solidarity as they struggle to make a living at their chosen craft. His acerbic crew of writing pals denounce his heresy, until they realize the big story he brings with him has changed everything. When he subsequently pays a visit to his once famous mentor to deliver the momentous news, the result is a bittersweet triumph for both men.
Directed by John Vourlis
Written by Evan Lieberman and Jen Poland
Scratch Colorist and Finishing: Joddy Eric Matthews
Inspired by the short story 'Writer's Blues' by Stormcrow Hayes
Josh - Andrew Schaefer
Jerry - Robert Branch
Manfred - Andrew Jurcak
Franklin - Justin Buckner
Luke - Joseph John Whelan
Bandit - Himself
VFX by: MadWerkz Studios
DoP: Evan Lieberman
Production Designer: Inda Blatch-Geib
Costume Designer: Inda Blatch-Geib
First Assistant Director: Joddy Eric Matthews
Line Producer: Jen Poland
Editor: Josh Elson
Sound Design: James T. Rieder
Executive Producers: John Vourlis, Evan Lieberman and Joddy Eric Matthews

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