#50Fathers Feature Film Trailer
The story follows Dominique ‘Nique’ Hathaway, a blue-chip high school athlete (Johnathon L. Jackson) as he prepares to sign a lucrative professional sports contract to play football or baseball. He seemingly has the world at his fingertips except for the one thing he desires most…a father. He and a group of friends launch a social media campaign to attract candidates to serve as a father to his younger brother, Tyree and himself. Fifty prospects will be screened and the one selected will be paid $10,000 per month once Nique signs his pro contract.

The #50Fathers soundtrack was constructed by the film’s Music Supervisor Maurice of the award winning RnB Group, Winslow. Crafting a signature score for the film, Maurice collaborated on the movie’s title track, “Cold, Cold World” with Grammy Award winning guitarist Michael J. Calhoun, a founding member of the group Dazz Band.

Exclusive Clip: Rocket Scientist
“This isn’t a sports film; it’s not about teams, touchdowns or baskets. It’s about what’s really important in life... family,” says Matthews. “The focus is on the values of fatherhood and the importance of family,” he adds. “We believe the timing is perfect for a film of this nature.”
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